All students will be encouraged to participate in science education at entry level. More able students will be encouraged to progress to GCSE Science. The main components of the science programme will be:


Keeping healthy (this will be linked to our cafe and veggie box projects)

Inheritance, Evolution and the Environment


Materials from the Earth (linked to workshop activities and our aluminium rods enterprise)

Oils Earth and Atmosphere


Energy transfer and efficiency

Electricity and Waves


There will also be a number of 'fun' experimental projects where students will observe, form hypotheses, conduct experiments or test theories and record or discuss their findings. They will also be expected to suggest and explore improvements, adjustments or alternatives, for example:

  • building a working hovercraft
  • aerodynamics - experimenting with paper aeroplanes
  • making steam driven boats
  • looking at how structures can be strengthened, e.g.: how strong are egg shells and paper bridges?
  • exploring electric circuits, e.g.;  making a 'buzzer' game, simple wiring system or potato clocks
  • other simple science experiments


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