In addition to the educational focus of our training, a fundamental part of our programme is to help all our students to re-evaluate and develop their own personal well being. Students are encouraged to recognise how social interactions, an awareness of others and the community around them can affect their ongoing progress through life, contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations, increase the quality of life, facilitate employability and influence the relationships they have with others. By creating a positive, encouraging and supportive environment, students are encouraged to explore, evaluate and develop their own attitudes, opinions, beliefs, values and behaviour whilst recognising diversity and different cultural, racial or social groupings and influences.

The emphasis of our provision will be on mutual respect, self awareness, self help and the development of personal strengths, talents and social abilities as students mature and work towards becoming responsible adults and members of their local community within a multicultural society. As they integrate within the group, students will be able to gain a sense of belonging and personal value. They will be encouraged to relate and work well with others and participate in mentoring and coaching others. They will also have the opportunity to take on responsibilities for agreed duties, roles or activities, e.g.: Health and Safety Officer, project or budget manager etc.

In addition to classroom based work, videos plus formal and informal discussion and debate, the PSHE section of our programme will be delivered through a range of activities including:

·         Formal and informal presentations, discussion or workshops from third party providers such as Include, Youth Engagement Workers or other independent or LA providers for bullying, drugs and alcohol awareness, sex education and anger management.

·         Boxing Training with qualified coaches and an emphasis on physical and nutritional education and self discipline.

·         Active involvement in conservation projects and work parties in association with the local Country Park Ranger Services

·         Group visits to local community facilities and areas of interest, eg museums, country park, croft woods cycle track, library, arts centre etc. This will be subject to the interests of the group and will provide opportunities for improving social and community awareness

·         Certificated First Aid training provided by the Red Cross

·         Active involvement with our 'Silver Surfers' community classes which is an intergenerational project which we conduct as a UKOnline centre providing weekly, free training sessions for over 50's to enable them to get online and use computers for the first time. We will also be involved in developing a local 'stories' website where members of the public are encouraged to share personal stories about the people, places, local history and features of Swindon. In the longer term they will also be actively involved in running a community cafe and a book swap provision for the local community.

·         In partnership with EOTAS students will also have the opportunity to attend short 14-19 engagement and enrichment programmes, e.g. The Salamander course run by the local Fire Station and Football training run by Swindon Town Football Club

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