Arts & Crafts

Through arts, crafts and creativity, students can express themselves, develop creative thinking, explore, experiment and develop new ideas through a range of media both individually and within a team. It is important for each student to be able to explore a range of different materials, techniques and applications to allow them to develop individual imaginative skills and realise their own potential.

Activities can be independent, working towards GCSE Art and Design and/or part of another project, for instance students have previously created posters, advertisements, logos, website templates and other promotional materials for marketing one of our Enterprises whilst others enjoy working on new T-shirt or mug designs then producing the finished product using our Print equipment.

For some students the therapeutic benefits of arts and crafts is clear with several students preferring to work on art projects alongside other work allowing them to swap between the two or use the artwork as a 'time-out' vehicle when they are feeling stressed or need a break from a difficult task.


As their confidence grows, students are encouraged to develop their ideas, explore different techniques look at other artists' work and styles and move beyond their current 'comfort' zones. Areas of work can include: 

  • looking at book and CD cover designs, storyboards and how a children's book is illustrated
  • explore Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting and Printing
  • using software packages for drawing, design, layout, reproducing or enhancing art work.
  • making and decorating clocks, masks and home furnishings from a variety of materials
  • photography & collage
  • animation and storyboards
  • mood boards
  • Recycling to produce artwork
  • graffiti and letterwork
  • body art and tatoos
  • producing ideas, images or artwork for print reproduction on saleable products or personal items such as mugs, t-shirts, caps, aprons, plates, bookmarks, fridge magnets etc
  • papier-mâché, clay modelling/sculpting, mod-roc, shrinkies, fimo badges and novelties
  • food preparation, including presentation skills and food art
  • basic painting, decorating, DIY and car body resprays


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