Sometimes it's difficult knowing what meals you can prepare with the limited ingrediants you may have at your disposal.

Supercook is a great tool for any aspiring chef or hungry student on a budget.

Its pretty simple. You input the ingrediants you have into the search engine and it will throw back the dishes you can make.


ICT Resources

Open Source IT Programmes:

Open Source software has been developed 'by the community for the community'. Created and developed by volunteers, this software is usually available on the GNU General Public Licence, or in other words it is Free to use. Do bear in mind that the development teams do appreciate, and indeed rely upon, donations and ongoing support from users to help them to continue to develop the software further.

Having been in existance for a number of years now, some of the software is now maturing considerably and it does therefore provide a very good alternative to the extremely expensive commercial counterparts they were based on.

Do take a moment to check out current Open Source Projects. Once there, use the search box to find what you are looking for or simply leave it blank and then press search to browse through the many projects to see what is available. Do remember, this software is often still 'under development' and is provided free, by a team of volunteers. Do read the write ups and any instructions carefully! :)

WARNING: Do make sure you are downloading from a safe site, Sourceforge for instance, and MAKE SURE YOUR ANTI VIRUS SOFTWARE IS UP TO DATE before you start!


Check out the following Open Source links:

10 Must have Open Source Programmes with a brief description of what they are and where to get them!

Filezilla - FTP (File transfer protocol) software

Open Office - Word Processor, Spreadsheet and Drawing packages

Libre Office - Word Processor, Spreadsheet and Drawing packages. Open Office is no longer being developed further, Libre Office seems to have been developed by the original team that created Open Office.

Paint Net - Drawing programme

Inkscape - Vector Drawing package - aims to be like illustrator, photoshop, coral draw type packages

Ink Cut - add on to enable you to send images from Inkscape direct to a plotter to be cut out

Scribus - Professional page layout software (for DTP - Desk Top Publishing)

Gimp - The GIMP is a powerful image editor/illustration package which can compete with many professional applications such as Photoshop Elements

Font Forge - Font Creator Tool

7-Zip - Basic file compression solution

Sweet Home 3D - 3D Interior Design Planning

Scratch - easy and fun way to learn about programming. Build your own animations for interactive stories, cartoons and games. Try the excellent video tutorials on the Scratch website to help get started

BYOB - Build your own blocks - similar to Scratch but a more advanced version

JellyCam - Stop Start Animation - Make your own cartoons by capturing action frame by frame. Many children's TV programmes (and some for adults!) are made this way, eg Wallace and Grummit


IT Study Resources

eDCC Certification Worksheet

Embedding and Linking objects in Powerpoint


Dfilm - make simple little movie clips (eg birthday greetings or other messages) and send to friends or embed on a website, eg:

more info at:


Open source operating systems

These are free linux based operating systems that you can put on your computer instead of windows xp/vista/7.







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