Enterprise projects

Enterprise projects take our practical and work related projects one step further by creating an opportunity for students to contribute to a real-life enterprise. Students are encouraged to look at small enterprises, explore what is involved in running or working within a small business and identify key skills that would be needed to make them work or to set up their own small enterprise.

Students work alongside volunteers and professionals and can see the results of their work. The enterprises are self sustaining, have customers, and stakeholders.

Each student is encouraged to participate in at least one of our own small enterprises, this presents several opportunities for them to gain 'hands on' work related experience plus an appreciation of the essential internal interactions, procedures and processes within any business , for instance; working as part of the workshop team, liaising with customers, helping with food preparation, decision making, marketing, accounting, admin or one of the many other roles involved in running most organisations. Students can have as much or as little involvement as they wish, some may only observe whilst others take on a more active role building responsibility and involvement over time.

We encourage all our students to become more aware of the community in which they live and offer the opportunity to study for the Social Enterprise Qualification (SEQ) where they can either become involved in community activities, one of our current enterprises or build their own social enterprise.

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