They came, they scrubbed, they conquered!

Armed with rubber gloves, scrubbing brushes and buckets, this hard hitting crew from Nationwide arrived at Wizard determined to make a difference! Despite the horrors before them, a 'crack' team of highly tuned professionals, well accustomed to being able to 'pull together' when faced with the toughest situations, this intrepid group from Nationwide soon got to work at Wizard.

Over the last few months our floors have taken quite a beating as teams of wonderful volunteers have clubbed together to help us strip woodwork and repair and paint the walls and ceilings. This week it was the grand 'clean up', and with the brilliant efforts of this small but cheerful team of wonderful volunteers on our side, we were amazed with what we achieved in just one day!

After a morning of mopping out and chiselling years of limescale from the sinks and enamel in the bathrooms, things were soon starting to sparkle and return to their former glory.

With a brief break for lunch, the team cracked on and attacked the floors in what will become the new community cafe in an amazingly methodical, well organised multi angled, mass scrubbing session with everyone on all fours and up to their elbows in suds! In all but a flash, the secrets were out.... yes, those so far well hidden cleaning talents of some of the team were revealed, but sworn to secrecy by one team member anxious that we should not reveal all to his wife, we promised we would not tell anyone about what he can achieve with a squeegie and a bottle of limescale remover!

By the end of the day, our weary warriors stumbled away to their cars, clutching their backs and aiming for a well earnt rest and a relaxing evening. For us, we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a great gang of such willing, determined and cheerful volunteers who never let up for a moment, no matter what they were asked to do.

So a big THANK YOU, hopefully you will come and join us at one of our upcoming open days for a relaxing cuppa and a cake or two (promise we will keep all the cleaning fluids and scrubbing brushes well locked away!).


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