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Financial Help for Young People

Benefits for young people

Financial Help for young people in Education or Training

Jobseekers Allowance (you need to be 18yrs+ to qualify for Jobseekers Allowance)


Risk Assessment - blank



T-Shirt images:

Click on the image links below to download the image. Some images may be too large to view online here, you can however still download them and view them from your computer. To do this:


1. hover your cursor over the image name,

2. use the RIGHT click button of your mouse or touch pad,

3. select 'save target as' or 'save link' (if you prefer, click the image to open it then use the RIGHT click button and use 'save as')

4. Select a folder on your computer that makes sense to you (or one that you will remember so that you can find the image again) and save the image.

5. Open the image file in the usual way from your computer


Wizard Logo 50x50

Wizard Logo 100x100

Wizard Logo 300x318

Wizard logo reduced 20

Wizard logo reduced 40

Wizard Header

Wizard Header 2

WASP - poster

WASP - no text

WASP - no text png



IT Study Resources

eDCC Certification Worksheet

Embedding and Linking objects in Powerpoint


Dfilm - make simple little movie clips (eg birthday greetings or other messages) and send to friends or embed on a website, eg:

more info at:


Buzz Test - game


Lunches sheet



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