Wizard 'Skype-in'

With Christmas just around the corner we thought it would be an idea to try and raise awareness of how computers can bring families together this Christmas with our free 'Skype-in' session.skype logo

Everyone is welcome, you can bring your own laptop or use one of ours, we will show you how to set up your account and get started.

You can even bring along a skype address of your family member or friend, tell them when you will be contacting them and we will help you do the rest.

By using Skype it is really easy to not only be able to get in touch with far away families and friends but be able to actually see them too, it is just like they are there, in the room with you again. Ideal for keeping in touch, seeing just how big little Tommy is now (.....where did he get that beard from? :)), and getting to know members of the family again that you haven't seen in years!

The beauty of Skype is that you can invite more than one person at a time into the conversation so if you get yourselves organised enough, it is an ideal way for all the members of a family to chat together, catch up on news and generally feel like you are a family again. It is also a great way for a 'night in' with friends when you perhaps can't get out and about as much as you used to. 

Can't make the skype-in? worry not, come along to our computer workshops, 4-6pm on any term-time Thursday and we will be happy to show you then.

They came, they scrubbed, they conquered!

Armed with rubber gloves, scrubbing brushes and buckets, this hard hitting crew from Nationwide arrived at Wizard determined to make a difference! Despite the horrors before them, a 'crack' team of highly tuned professionals, well accustomed to being able to 'pull together' when faced with the toughest situations, this intrepid group from Nationwide soon got to work at Wizard.

Over the last few months our floors have taken quite a beating as teams of wonderful volunteers have clubbed together to help us strip woodwork and repair and paint the walls and ceilings. This week it was the grand 'clean up', and with the brilliant efforts of this small but cheerful team of wonderful volunteers on our side, we were amazed with what we achieved in just one day!

After a morning of mopping out and chiselling years of limescale from the sinks and enamel in the bathrooms, things were soon starting to sparkle and return to their former glory.

With a brief break for lunch, the team cracked on and attacked the floors in what will become the new community cafe in an amazingly methodical, well organised multi angled, mass scrubbing session with everyone on all fours and up to their elbows in suds! In all but a flash, the secrets were out.... yes, those so far well hidden cleaning talents of some of the team were revealed, but sworn to secrecy by one team member anxious that we should not reveal all to his wife, we promised we would not tell anyone about what he can achieve with a squeegie and a bottle of limescale remover!

By the end of the day, our weary warriors stumbled away to their cars, clutching their backs and aiming for a well earnt rest and a relaxing evening. For us, we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a great gang of such willing, determined and cheerful volunteers who never let up for a moment, no matter what they were asked to do.

So a big THANK YOU, hopefully you will come and join us at one of our upcoming open days for a relaxing cuppa and a cake or two (promise we will keep all the cleaning fluids and scrubbing brushes well locked away!).


WASP Fridge Walk

Wizard students were asked if they could help out with a somewhat unusual project. Given their expertise in building soap box derby carts, Jo Riches from the Red Cross wondered if they may be able to help a man with a mission, and a fridge! The idea is that Moses, from the Wiltshire Addiction Support Project, aims to raise awareness of Hepatitis C, causes of liver damage and the plight of homeless sufferers of Hepatitis C faced with the dilemma of 'No Fridge, No Treatment'! His objective is to walk approximately 200miles around Wiltshire accompanied by a fridge, his problem was how to transport said fridge on his travels. 

The team from WASP came, complete with fridge, to meet the students and tell us more about the quest and the work they do in the community. Never afraid of a challenge, our students were keen to see what they could come up with.

With the help of a generous donation of two small bicycles and some much appreciated support from Stuart and Brian (two of our workshop volunteers), the lads set to work. Brenden came up with some ingenious ideas and a fantastic design for the posters whilst Kesley, Ryan, Liam, Junior and James all took turns at helping to cut, shape and modify the two bikes as they slowly morphed into what is fast becoming a custom made trolley to help Moses with his mission!  

The trolley has to be ready for the end of June as Moses will be doing his walk throughout July/August 2012. The walk will coincide with world hepatitis awareness day on July 28th.

All those within WASP will be joining Moses at various stages of the walk. Friends, family and any interested parties willing to participate, will be very welcome. All support and donations will be gratefully received.

To apply for a for a sponsor form please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tel: 01225 775558

Moses and the WASP team will be at Salisbury Market Place 28th July for World Hepatitis Awareness Day with media coverage of the event.

WASP no fridge no treatment mug

We hope that, like our students, you will be able to support this event in some way, ie: by joining Moses along any of the public legs, sponsoring him or any participants, joining WASP in Salisbury or giving them a donation. Everyone is welcome!

Show your support by DOWNLOADING A POSTER for this event

.... or for just £6.99 why not buy one of the special mugs our students designed for them? Each mug sale will result in a £2 donation directly to WASP and helps our students practice their enterprise skills as they handle the orders and production.