James May (Top Gear) donates motorbike for next project

It is with great excitement that Wizard Education can announce that we have just been awarded 'custody' of the much loved, 1972, 70cc, Honda offered by James May, of Top Gear fame! Looking for a loving home, with enthusiastic 'would be' restorers of the future, James chose the students of Wizard Education to breath life back into his treasured and trusty steed of the past. Hopefully, with a little bit of help from some willing supporters and our ever patient tutors, our next group of students will be able to help restore this amazing little machine and get it working again.

As part of our training courses on motorbikes, we include an introduction to 'the responsible way' of getting on the road, our students learn about how to dress and be safe on their first bike, what the test involves, what they need to do to maintain it and how it works. James' bike will be put to extremely good use to help us illustrate some of this and give the students a chance for some 'hands on' work and of course the chance to get dirty!

For those that missed it, James talked about his fond memories of this little workhorse machine and what had become of it, he dug deep into the unknown realms of his garage and rescued it from the depths beyond the washing machine and wrote in his Daily Telegraph column..................

"I have a Honda Cub - the widow-making 70cc version from 1972 - but not for much longer, because a few weeks back I vowed to sell it for a nominal sum to the reader who could come up with the best reason for having it............ 

I'm sure there's nothing much wrong with it and, like the fairy lights, it was working when I put it away, but I can't quite get around to fixing it.  So: it can sit there until it becomes coal, or it can go out into the world and make a difference, as Soichiro intended. And this is where you come in.

As usual, I'm delighted by the response. I like the tales of woe, of penury, of opportunity thwarted and kingdoms lost for want of a horse with plastic leg shields. There is a submission from a nursing home and one from the police. There's even one from the United States. And the Scouts, obviously. They haven't been around to wash my windows for a shilling recently, but that's fine by me, because it could mean they're all working towards their mechanic's badges (alternative D - motorcycle or scooter). These badges are not lightly given. A Scout must know the basic principles of internal combustion, be able to gap a spark plug, adjust chains, change the oil and so on. This is encouraging, as when I was in the Cubs I earned my home handyman badge for taking Akela's baby for a walk.

The Army Cadets on the Isle of Lewis want it as well, and I'd quite like them to have it, because it would go in blue and broken and come out green with all its fasteners lined up. It was a toss-up between the Scouts, the squaddies and an organisation called Wizard Education, which helps severely troubled kids through practical schemes that might lead to a job. In the end I really did toss coins and Wizard won the day.

But that's not quite the end of it. Perhaps when Wizard have used the Cub for a training course, and made it work, they could hand it on to the cadets, who can make it soldier-proof. Then perhaps they could donate the Cub to the Scouts, who can change the oil as often as they like, and then perhaps move it on again.

That's what a Honda Cub is supposed to do: go on for ever. "

So a big THANK YOU to James May from Wizard Education!!! There are some very happy chappies here, with big grins on their faces they are chuckling and talking to themselves and anyone else that will listen, a space has been cleared and frantic research has already started in anticipation of sourcing requirements and what the potential problem could be ..... and that's just the tutors!!!

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PICTURE: Honda Cub undergoing roadside repairs in a market in Cholon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Photo: ALAMY  

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