Wizard Treads

At Wizard Education we aim to provide a range of projects that appeal to our students, but we also aim to provide opportunities for the students to gain skills and experience that will be of benefit to them in the future.

Wizard Treads has developed, as is often the case here at Wizard Education, from an idea put forward by one of our students. The idea is to encourage students to source, purchase, renovate and recycle 'anything with wheels'! The students have to work within a given budget, monitor costs and ensure their project does not make a loss. On completion of the renovation work, the students then have to market and sell on their work. Any profits are put back in to the next project.

Our students are currently looking for suitable bicycles, mopeds or small cars to 'recycle'!


Bicycle recycling off to a flying start!

Thanks to the ongoing generosity of local people in the community, our bicycle recycling has started really well. Having placed advertisements online via Facebook 'Free and Wanted' sections, students were really pleased at the number of donations made by locals which meant they have several children's bikes plus a few adult bikes to refurbish. Students have designed their own procedure for handling the recycling including designing and using job costing sheets and customer receipts. The project has also provided an opportunity for students to practice their customer services and telephone skills. 


Our first Moped for recycling! - Jan 2011

Our first motorbike project is about to begin, we have purchased a somewhat rusty 50cc moped in need of much TLC! Having stripped down the moped and examined it carefully it was decided to purchase a second chassis to replace the original. Students are in the process of cleaning and renovating components and parts from the original moped as they rebuild what will soon become their first off-road moped. 


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