Introducing Wizard Education

Wizard Education Ltd was a Social Enterprise operating as a 'Not for Profit' organisation that provides a safe, supportive and nurturing learning environment for vulnerable or disadvantaged young people alongside opportunities to gain work related experience and training.

Since 2005 we have provided a series of Engagement Courses and Community Projects, primarily working with Swindon Borough Council, Children Services, local schools, YOT, Social Services, other professional agencies, the Home Tuition Service and EOTAS (Education other than at school).

From September 2014 our focus is changing to embrace the implications of the Raising of the Participation Age which requires children to remain in training or education longer. We are also very aware of the government aim to improve the levels of English, Maths and IT skills in the workforce and for older people who may have missed out on learning or building essential skills using computers and the Internet.

We have strong and active links with the local community and encourage interaction with local businesses or craftsmen arranging short 'work taster' and work experience opportunities. We are also lucky enough to be well supported by local volunteers willing to share skills and expertise or provide essential mentoring.

With an emphasis on providing a safe and socially supportive setting which will allows the individual to access education and specialist support services, we aim to encourage students to raise and develop their aspirations and prepare for work or further education as appropriate. Through personalised programmes, individual learning plans, mentoring and 1:1 support, combined with a series of practical activities, we will provide a positive learning environment that our students would not otherwise have been able to access through the mainstream system. We also offer opportunities for students to experience group working to develop essential team working and social skills whilst embedding essential Functional Skills in Maths, English and IT within a series of practical projects and small enterprises to help develop students' understanding and make learning more relevant and enjoyable.

Our training is primarily practical and encourages the practical application of essential life skills, a greater awareness of Health and Safety in the work environment whilst focussing on developing team building, interpersonal relationships and communication skills. Students are encouraged to take ownership of the projects they work on, are involved in problem solving and decision making both individually and as a group.

Students attending our Engagement and Foundation Courses can either move into mainstream post 16 provisions or progress onto our Traineeship and Apprenticeship programmes which are run with Green Labyrinth.

Each of the programmes we provide aim to enhance the student's personal wellbeing and help them realise their full potential. Programmes are therefore a combination of practical, hands-on or participative activities or projects with a strong focus on building work related skills but delivered in our unique, highly supportive environment.

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